The Problem

Desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, oh my! We are all plugged in.
Social media, apps, online retailers, banking, online entertainment, and the wild wild web. We have never had greater access to entertainment, information and the rest of the world. We all have a presence on the internet, we all have a footprint, and we are being tracked, recorded, sold, and stored.
Our data is being sold to the highest bidder, often without informed or conscious consent. That means the sites you visited, what you’ve looked up, your online banking information, whom you know, who you’ve spoken with, what you’ve discussed, even your location. Everything is recorded online through keystrokes and cookies. What is even more concerning is how this information is sold, traded, and stored.

So, what’s the big deal?

Privacy, security, and agency are left out of the equation, or at best a secondthought. Your data is being utilized to analyze trends in the markets. The contribution of your personal data is responsible for product development and targeted ads. Yet you see none of the benefits. Data is estimated to be a trillion-dollar industry by 2030, an industry that is built off the data that is produced by the average user. Kind of a big deal, right?

What’s worse is that the situation is more personal than annoying targeted ads. In 2017, there were 16.7 million victims of identity fraud. The amount stolen hit $16.billion, as 30 percent of U.S. consumers were notified exposureto a data breach last year. This issue is mostly handled by big companies being fined millions of dollars. However, the individuals whose data has beenstolen suffer the most. Many experience identity thefts that leaves them completely exposed to the cybercrime perpetrated on the dark web.

What if this issue became obsolete? What if you could control whether your data even existed? What if you could become an active participant of a billion-dollar industry and received compensation for your data?

Product Overview

At ShredTech Inc, we are developing web-based products that advocate for privacy, security, and agency in this new internet industry.

Shreddr is a browser that is a secure browser utilizing a core Chromium build that blocks all trespassers, malware, and cookies by utilizing blockchain data encryption. 

Our marketplace allows for the sale of authorized precise data at the user’s discretion. The user receives payment in the form of our SynCoin, our token. That means YOU decide what data is being sold, and you get paid for that data.

For people who prefer to opt-out of selling their data, we have built in browser features that prevent access to any accumulated data. The user retains complete control and can even eliminate their personal data.This option is fully accessible to the user and can be turned on and off at their discretion. These users can still accumulate SynCoin by using the browser. No shady, auto-opt ins or fine print.

Join us at ShredTech and take back control of your personal, private data andfight back against the idea that everyone who browses the web is just a set of data that can be sold, purchased, and resold.