Brian Kopp

Brian Kopp - C.O.O.

Brian has over 20 years experience leading growth in companies in diverse industries - from Irish SaaS tech start-ups to architectural firms, non-profits to his own marketing consulting firm. His greatest strengths are his ability to create relationships, his creativity, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. He has an MBA as well.

Lacey McDonald

Lacey Mcdonald - C.E.O.

Lacey is an accomplished executive and consultant with over 12 years experience in the software industry. Lacey is currently CEO of ShredTech, a Blockchain Privacy software company. Her previous positions include consulting for companies such as Shutterfly, My DR Now, and Optum. Her expertise includes Talent Acquisition, Strategic Planning and Client Development.

Robert Strickling

Robert Strickling - Founder

Robert is an award-winning technical professional with many years of experience in the technical B2C realm.  Robert has a strong track record of driving growth through the correct application of technology. Proven ability to communicate strategy, tactics and action plans to other professionals through strong technical presentations. Effective at distilling down to the essentials for lay people as well as highly technical engineers.